Best thing about Aussie slang? Calling a clueless seppo a galah

Howard Manns writes that the best thing about Australian words is that they are our words, and other people don’t know them. You can call an American a galah, and they won’t know what you mean. Old cobbers will have their drongos and galahs, but the ankle-biters are conjuring a new wave of lexical innovations for the next generation of boofheads; the Australian lexicon is changing, but it’s not dying. Young people use a wider variety of words for “stupid”,

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4th Forum on Englishes in Australia

La Trobe University Linguistics program has hosted a forum on Englishes in Australia for four years now – our thanks to the dedicated people who have made this event a regular feature of the linguistics scene in Australia. This year’s event took place on August 27 and our team (in different combinations) presented on two topics in the forum:

  • Howard Manns, Simon Musgrave and Dylan Hughes: Australian slang, its people and its analogues: The social and cultural life of a lexicon
  • Isabelle Burke and Kate Burridge: From “a bit of processed cheese” to “a bit of a car accident” and “a little bit of oh really” — the journey of Australian English “a bit (of)”